Roney is almost, probably, a household name.

For those of you who don't name your houses, Roney's a filmmaker hailing from Vancouver B.C and working in Toronto, ON.

Her acting career, though still fresh, has been fruitful, earning her the Best Actress award at 2014's Ryerson University Film Festival for her debut role in Kemosabe (Dir. Charles Hutchings). Through the short film's festival success, Roney moved on to two more leads in 'Try Hards' (Dir. Liza Friedman), and Visitante (Dir. Andrew Jefferey). After graduating, she gave birth to a semi-autobiographical web-series project, Cheap Whine. This web-series is, in its way, an appropriate representation of Roney's love for finding humour in simple places and shaping them into entertaining, bite- sized portions.


Drawing inspiration from the new vanguard of contemporary female comedians, Roney aspires to make accessible, yet subversive and most importantly honest work for an audience that becomes more intelligent (and critical) every day. 

Roney's current project is a short film she directed, wrote, and produced titled 'Glitter's Wild Women'. GWW follows two sister's living in isolation on their farmland who harvest and smoke an alien like substance that gives them super strength. It will be playing at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) this September, 2018.